Rama Swiss Watch

rama swiss watch

    swiss watch
  • Swiss Made is a label used to indicate that a product was made in Switzerland.

  • The hero of the Ramayana, husband of Sita. He is the Hindu model of the ideal man, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, and is widely venerated, by some sects as the supreme god

  • Moses Isserles, also spelled Moshe Isserlis, (Krakow, Poland, 1520 - May 11, 1572 ), was an eminent Ashkenazic rabbi, talmudist, and posek, renowned for his fundamental work of Halakha (Jewish law), entitled ha-Mapah (lit., "the tablecloth"), an inline commentary on the Shulkhan Aruch (lit.

  • avatar of Vishnu whose name is synonymous with God; any of three incarnations: Ramachandra or Parashurama or Balarama; "in Hindu folklore Rama is the epitome of chivalry and courage and obedience to sacred law"

  • Rama is a fictional character based on Hindu avatar Rama published by DC Comics, and a potential love interest of Wonder Woman. He first appears in Wonder Woman #148 series 2, (September 1999), and was created by Eric Luke and Yanick Paquette.

The Face of a Swiss Army Watch

The Face of a Swiss Army Watch

Here's my first attempt at macro photography using my Swiss Army watch as a subject. I used a Nikon 28-100mm f3.5-5.6G lens on the D70/s set at 100mm and reversed a Nikon 70-100mm f4-5.6G lens at 70mm over that. I bounced flash from my SB-800 off a wall to the right.

© 2008 Ashley D. Cristal, All Rights Reserved. Use of this photograph in ANY form is NOT permitted without permission from the author.

Swiss swatch watch

Swiss swatch watch

strobist info: SB28 @ 1/32 on a translucent umbrella, camera right and back of subject. Camera front, below watch, is a white paper reflector.
Black craft paper as background.
Triggered by Cactus V4.

Camera info: D700 | Nikon 60 f/2.8 AF-D Micro | Tripod

rama swiss watch

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